Bates-Byers Award for Technology and Curriculum (2008-2010), $85,000

The VBRR project was launched with funding from the Joe Byers & and Lucy Bates-Byers Foundation. Joe L. Byers is professor emeritus of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education and Lucy-Bates Byers was formerly an elementary school teacher as well as a field instructor and a member of the Institute for Research on Teaching in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State. For more information about this award, see**byers**.htm. With support from this grant, we purchased equipment, developed and implemented the curriculum, and collected and organized video, web-based and textual data. We also gave several presentations and wrote two papers about our curriculum work.


Literacy Achievement Research Center (2008-present)

VBRR is affiliated with the Literacy Achievement Research Center (LARC) at Michigan State University, a group of faculty and graduate student researchers with a mission of developing complex literacies across the lifespans through multi-disciplinary research. LARC has provided material support for the project (i.e., supplies and graduate assistantships) as well as an intellectual community in which the project has developed.

Spencer Foundation (2010-2011), $40,000

Part of the research of the VBRR project was funded with a small grant from the Spencer Foundation. We conducted a macro-level analysis of our data set, analyzing dialogic practices that all teacher candidates across our data set developed in various teaching contexts.