Capturing, Editing, and Uploading Video

Here we provide resources we used during the processes of generating, managing, editing, and presenting video data of their placement classrooms. These materials are protected under Creative Commons licensing. We invite you to download and distribute these materials for learning purposes.

Screencast providing step-by-step directions for using Voicethread users/sherrymic/folders/Jing/ media/17818135-cecb-47ec-8c78- 38242a094aa3

Online Platforms for Sharing Video

There are many online platforms to choose from. We encourage you to choose the one that fits best with the needs and goals of your group.

We used Voicethreadas the online platform to support our video work.

Voicethread allowed us to:
  • upload 5-minute video clips
  • upload contextualizing materials, including lesson plans, hand outs, and written reflections,
  • post comments by individual group members in response to the clip

Other resources include: